Mar 14

Zarita Walk Cycle

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Mar 14

Taylor honored

Leading Aussie cyclist Andrew Taylor has been honored with the prestigious 2013 Dubbo Sportsperson Award given his outstanding achievements on track in recent times.

The award was conferred to him last weekend amidst National Day celebrations in Australia at Victoria Park. The honor was surely a great boost for the rider prior to Aussie Track Cycling Tournament.

The upcoming days present an excellent opportunity for Andrew to try for a dominant place in Aussie team for 2014 Commonwealth Games that is scheduled to be hosted at Glasgow. An award so prestigious before the event is great to infuse huge confidence in the cyclist.

“The award was like a shock since I know that there are plenty of amazing sportspeople across Dubbo”, remarked a thrilled Taylor from Sydney. “I came up with some good results the past year but it’s really humbling to know that people have reckoned my efforts.”

Last year, Taylor impressed everybody with gold in men team sprint & men keirin at Aussie titles prior to taking part in Track Cycling World Championship that was held at Belarus- where the rider finished at the 4th position.

This week the rider would look forward to defend two of his titles from 2013 & would also contend at individual sprint.

“The team-sprint has been planned for Tuesday & hence that would be my 1st event. Then individual sprint would for 2 days & keirin is scheduled for Saturday night”, said Taylor.

“The timing for titles seems to be good as I am getting the whole school vacation break to prep up in Sydney. I am fortunate that Buninyong School, where I’m currently working, is very supportive towards my riding ambitions. I have even got the 1st week off from the school”, remarked a grateful Taylor.

Feb 14

Tweed Run 2013 – London Cyclists in Tweed

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Jan 14

The Language of Business: Finance 101

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Jan 14

Victoria Feels Free Post Retirement

One of the brightest stars of British cycling, Victoria Pendleton surely took the world by storm when she declared her retirement in 2012. Cut to two years, Pendleton is a relaxed person, a complete veggie who is happily staying at the countryside with newly married husband Scott Gardner.

Queen Victoria, as Pendleton is fondly called, had been into cycling for long 15 years. She made her country, team and fans proud with 2 Olympic gold & was honored with CBE award. All through the one & half-decade she gave to cycling, Victoria was completely engrossed in her sport.

It’s pretty obvious thus that when the cycling big announced her retirement two years back, the entire world was wondering what would be she doing, achieving so much at such young age. However, at 33, the “Queen” strongly feels that her life has just started.

“Retiring has offered me freedom that I could not experience for long”, stated Pendleton. “I am feeling lighter now & many have noted that I am lot happier & more relaxed. I was really serious when it came to my job since athletes just have little time to make it right. It feels strange to achieve freedom and the allowance to do all those which I wish for- as well as try out new stuffs or completely alter my mind without bothering about its effects. It has been a really great fun & normal life. ”

The everyday normal life for the newly married Mrs. Gardner includes walking her 2 dobermans , cooking for husband & renovating barn conversion located at Oxfordshire. The erstwhile Brit cyclist got married recently to her former trainer.

The Olympic medalist also stated about taking to running which she couldn’t do earlier given her cycling career and is also striving to come up as a solid personal trainer.

Dec 13


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Nov 13

WHERE’S AUNT FLO??????????

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Nov 13

Armstrong: Doping Was Unstoppable In 1990s

Disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong who has been banned for life from professional tracks given the doping charges, claimed that doping was unstoppable in 1990s. Armstrong had also been ripped off his 7 Tour France titles by  USADA.

According to the American rider, the leading sports authorities were incompetent to prevent doping in 1990s. “They couldn’t do anything- just like the IAAF head couldn’t do anything & the FINA head couldn’t do anything. They just didn’t have the needed equipments until maybe ten years later”, remarked Armstrong while explaining the incompetency of the sports authorities to stop doping in 1990s.

Armstrong came public about his performance-enhancing drug consumption is popular talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey this year in January. In the interview he admitted about his significant role in a highly sophisticated dope conspiracy. The disgraced cyclist counted on the banned EPO drug that couldn’t be detected till a revolutionary test in the year 2000.

“We could not move to high-octane in 1994. We just had to suffer all through the year. Thus, the next year we planned to take the further step”, stated the American cyclist while citing the reasons that compelled him to take to the banned performance enhancing drugs.

“It is not my way to name the names but we made the decision together. The older riders knew that and we had to seek help from team doctor- yet all of them bypassed any consequences. Completely”, commented Armstrong stressing on a generalized consent behind his dope consumptions.

The International Cycling Union President Brian Cookson has recently reported of his keenness in working with Armstrong in UCI’s endeavor to introduce independent investigation on doping. The newly elected UCI chief has founded a Truth & Reconciliation Commission that will look after the doping inquiries independently. Armstrong has already expressed his willingness in helping the Commission where he might need to open up about his doping activities.

Nov 13

Women’s Cycling Sprint Final – Olympics London 2012 ( Meares Anna wins Gold )

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