Jul 14

New Life For Victoria Pendleton After Retiring

Victoria Pendleton is gearing up for new challenges and new opportunities after retiring from the world of cycling. The new life for any sportsman brings in a breath of fresh air but also new challenges and uncertainty of what comes next. The question keeps on lingering in the minds of the sportspersons.

Victoria Pendleton achieved all that she needed to during her cycling days as she won two gold medals in the Olympics in 2012. After that she made an appearance in Emmerdale largely because of her mother who is a huge fan of and she went up to Leeds. Acting has been on her mind after retirement and she is preparing herself for acting by maintaining a slim figure by going in gym. So that is also making her think of becoming a personal trainer of the gym Fitness First and its chain of gyms. She is keen on letting the world know about fitness and also helping all those persons who need utmost help as far as fitness is concerned.

She is not missing her cycling days from Soldeu as she has lots to do after cycling and she is catching on all those things which she missed during her cycling days. It is more like leading a normal life with friends and family at the same time starting something new with a new career is seeming very exciting for her. The feeling is different than being on the cycling track which has been an important and memorable aspect of her life but as the saying goes that life must go on and so does her career. Her fans wish her all the success in her new endeavours to follow. The fellow actors who have worked with her also state that she remains to be a wonderful person.

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Jul 14

Roswell Seems Confident About Upcoming National Trial For Title Defense

Joanna Roswell accepted that while the trial course of the upcoming British Cycling National Road Championship is quite different from what she is accustomed to and the one she got her victory from the last year, nevertheless, she is quite confident that she can ride her way to success and defend her position as a reigning champion. Rowsell is a tad too known for the exploits on the cycling track, and 5 world titles that she has earned. Besides that she has also helped the GB team claim their gold in 2012 at London.

However, previous year, this twenty five year old ace cyclist showcased her competence on the road with her bagging the Glasgow version of the national trial title. This year, the time trial is expected to happen in Monmouthshire, Wales. The course is way shorter, than the last one is Scotland, however is hillier.

Regardless of these changes, twenty five year old, riding for Wiggle Honda along with fellow champions from Olympics, Dani King and Laura Trott, is completely at ease and feels quite confident that she can hold on to her existing position.

When asked about how she is feeling about the upcoming trial, Roswell commented that she is feeling quite excited about the tournament. Roswell has bagged world title both in team pursuits and individual pursuits this year, earlier in Columbia.

She further went on saying that she has previously seen the course and feels that it is going to be much challenging than that of the Glasgow course. The Glasgow track was around twenty three miles, however this is just 12.5 miles. Regardless of the shorter distance, this track will have much higher climbs to it. It is quite different from what she is used to, but she is looking quite forward to it.

Jun 14

Yoga for cyclists: Cobra pose by Total Women’s Cycling

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May 14

Understanding menstrual cycle for Pregnancy

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Apr 14

Tesco Ladies Charity Night 2012

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Mar 14

Zarita Walk Cycle

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Mar 14

Taylor honored

Leading Aussie cyclist Andrew Taylor has been honored with the prestigious 2013 Dubbo Sportsperson Award given his outstanding achievements on track in recent times.

The award was conferred to him last weekend amidst National Day celebrations in Australia at Victoria Park. The honor was surely a great boost for the rider prior to Aussie Track Cycling Tournament.

The upcoming days present an excellent opportunity for Andrew to try for a dominant place in Aussie team for 2014 Commonwealth Games that is scheduled to be hosted at Glasgow. An award so prestigious before the event is great to infuse huge confidence in the cyclist.

“The award was like a shock since I know that there are plenty of amazing sportspeople across Dubbo”, remarked a thrilled Taylor from Sydney. “I came up with some good results the past year but it’s really humbling to know that people have reckoned my efforts.”

Last year, Taylor impressed everybody with gold in men team sprint & men keirin at Aussie titles prior to taking part in Track Cycling World Championship that was held at Belarus- where the rider finished at the 4th position.

This week the rider would look forward to defend two of his titles from 2013 & would also contend at individual sprint.

“The team-sprint has been planned for Tuesday & hence that would be my 1st event. Then individual sprint would for 2 days & keirin is scheduled for Saturday night”, said Taylor.

“The timing for titles seems to be good as I am getting the whole school vacation break to prep up in Sydney. I am fortunate that Buninyong School, where I’m currently working, is very supportive towards my riding ambitions. I have even got the 1st week off from the school”, remarked a grateful Taylor.

Feb 14

Tweed Run 2013 – London Cyclists in Tweed

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